August 21, 2019

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Birth Injury Claims

Birth Injury

Childbirth Injury Attorneys

Birth injuries are one of the most common types of child injuries that prompt parents to file lawsuits. Thousands of innocent babies are seriously hurt every year when obstetricians and labor and delivery staff make bad calls during the birthing process. Despite the very specific medical protocol for delivery procedures, some physicians and nurses put mothers and babies in danger when they choose to deviate from generally accepted high standards of care.

How Birth Injuries Happen

Physicians and nurses are trained to respond to labor and delivery complications with reasonable actions that are clearly defined by the medical community. One wrong move in the delivery room and a child’s life could be affected forever. Devastating birth injuries occur for many reasons, including lack of attention by medical staff, or because a doctor or nurse fails to take the proper steps in response to a complication.

Brain damage from lack of oxygen to the brain may cause newborn babies to suffer permanent impairment, coma, cerebral palsy, or paralysis. Failure to monitor the baby’s heart rate or position in the birth canal often results in an emergency situation. If the mother’s vital signs are not properly monitored, doctors may miss important signs of fetal distress. Excessive force on the child is also a common mistake that may cause severe orthopedic, spinal, and head injuries in new babies. Other birth injuries include amputation due to poor circulation, vision impairment, scarring, spinal cord damage, and shoulder dystocia.

In some cases, faulty monitoring equipment may be to blame for newborn injuries. When defective products are found to be the cause, parents may be able to sue the manufacturer, distributor, or retailer of such devices.

Birth Injury Infographic
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Birth Injury Infographic

Filing a Birth Injury Lawsuit

Hiring a Birth Injury Lawyer to help you go after a negligent or careless doctor, nurse, device manufacturer, or hospital could help you get the funds you need to take care of your injured child for life. Caring for an injured child requires extensive resources, and a well-planned lawsuit can provide the high quality medical care your child needs to lead a full life.

If you believe your baby’s birth injuries were preventable, talk to a skilled child injury attorney about your right to compensation. You can search our birth injury lawyer network to find a legal professional near you.